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GERMAN EXPRESS- Hier für gut

Tutorial lab in Lee Garden, Causeway Bay

Specialized in German curriculums and exams at schools
in HK & the UK

Reliable  Successful  Experienced

GERMAN EXPRESS in Hong Kong was founded to help students to achieve results in school exams and become a fluent German speaker for future development

15 years of German teaching experience
in HK with proven track records

30.000 lessons taught )

Accredited exams for regular practice

Format - 1-on-1 lesson or small group

(classroom or online setting)


GERMAN EXPRESS Hier für gut.

" Übung macht den Meister. "

" Practice makes perfect. "


" Eine Sprache erfolgreich zu erlernen, erfordert Disziplin und Ausdauer. "

" Learning a language successfully requires discipline and perseverance. "

Deutschlehrer Andreas 

Reputable, reliable & trustworthy 
Parents' overall comments in the past 15 years

The first few generations of students either work at senior positions of major corporations or study at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities
Enrich your German vocabulary
& range of expressions

Zauberbuch Magic Book )
(for GERMAN EXPRESS students internals usage :)
German Teacher 
Dipl.Betriebswirt (FH)


6769 5462

Ringing Phone

German Language Lab


Attending a German School in HK?

Then welcome here!

Reliable & stationed in HK

Highly successful

Accredited  exam papers

for practice

Flexible: 7 days weekly open

Online Lessons (Skype, Zoom)


Learning Curve @ GERMAN EXPRESS
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