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Learn German
A 1-1
  • greet people, both in a formal and an informal way

  • introduce yourself and other persons

  • ask people for their names, where they live and come from, and where they work

  • start and have a conversation in a cafe, order and pay drinks

  • give and understand telephone numbers

  • talk about the languages you know

  • write a short text about yourself

A 1-2
  • describe your apartment, say how you like it

  • ask for the time, and give it

  • talk about your daily activities

  • make appointments with friends for leisure activities

  • apologize for being late

  • describe how you get to your office, and how long it takes

  • write a short text about yourself


A 1-3
  • talk with other people about your and their jobs aspects, job duties, and the place where you work

  • ask your way around a German city

  • identify the most important landmarks in Berlin

  • say what you have been doing in the past

  • talk about your last holidays and what you did

  • say how you liked your holidays


A 1-4
  • tell what you usually eat and drink

  • say what kind of food you like and don't like, and what food you think is healthy

  • talk about the clothes you and other people wear

  • talk about the weather at different seasons of the year

  • talk about health and medical problems

  • give advice for a healthy lifestyle


die (Plural)
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