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German Lab
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GERMAN EXPRESS in CWB (Causeway Bay, Lee Garden, HK)
Most reliable & succeeding German classes in town
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We are providing private and group classes in German tutoring for all ages, from young children to adults; and for all-purpose, IGCSE, German Sprachdiplom/ AS, German IB, etc.


Private lessons are tailor-made lessons; your strengths, and the areas you need to work on could be spot out and focused on. And if you have a specific situation to deal with, like IGCSE, German Sprachdiplom/ AS, or German IB, we strongly recommend you to take private lessons. Private lessons are way more effective than group lessons as there will be fewer distractions, and the lessons will be more intense; many students find this very helpful.


Our group classes are all in small groups, so you will have a lot of opportunity to be involved in our classes, which will definitely help you to learn more easily and effectively!


Adult Students

Where You Need To Be Strong




Listening Comprehension


Reading Comprehension



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